Jelly Rolls

Jelly Rolls are 40 strips the full width of the fabric.  They are cut 2.5 inches long and are fabrics from a specific collection or coordinating quilting fabrics. The strips are rolled together and make a really neat round tied off package.

The pre cut strips allow the quilter to buy a great selection of material and reduce cutting time.  Many quilting patterns call for using the Jelly Roll.

Thus the advantage is you are buying a great selection of fabrics the same size. Plus the quilter does not need to buy 1/2 yard of each fabric if this much is not needed.

What can you do with a Jelly Roll?  There are endless possibilities using the Jelly Roll Strips.

The importance is the accuracy of the cuts you receive.  This is a huge time saver for you.  Jelly Rolls are packaged by the manufacturer or custom made by the seller.

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