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Fat Quarter Bundles

Fat Quarter Bundles are fabric collections from a fabric line or coordinating colors and prints.  They are a quarter yard cut 18 inches by 22 inches.  This is one half the width of the fabric and 18 inches long.  The regular one fourth yard cut is 9 inches across the full width of the fabric. This is why the name is dubbed Fat Quarter.  Many quilt patterns require the use of Fat Quarters. They are bundled by the manufacturer or selections are  coordinated by Karen Martin Quilt Fabric. I usually cut my Fat Quarters 18.5″ x half the fabric width to give you space to square up if needed. Included in  this category are full width fabric strips. They are from cutting around flaws or the end of the bolt fabrics.  The normal price per half yard is greatly reduced.  Many quilters like them because of the variety they offer.

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